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Rocky Mountain Land Library: Landscape, Self, and Soul

 “Tell me the landscape in which you live and I will tell you who you are,” wrote Jose Ortega y Gasset. Whether we climb mountains or stroll through neighborhood parks, we ascribe meaning to the landscapes that surround us, and our personal and communal identities are shaped by the people, place, and history of the places we live. And sometimes we are left wordless and deeply moved in the landscapes that speak to us. In this daylong class at Buffalo Peaks Ranch, we’ll explore the meaning of landscape in our lives through writing, reading, guided meditation, and exploration of the ranch. Among the questions we’ll consider: How does where I live shape who I am? What about certain places causes a sense of wonder in me? How can I deepen my connection to the places I live and visit?

This class welcomes, journalers, meditators, outdoors people, and writers of fiction and nonfiction who wish to better understand the role of landscape in their work. Please bring something to write with. Readings will be emailed in advance of class. 

Tentatively scheduled for August, 2019.