Teaching Approach


Teaching Approach

Whether you’re a longtime writer or you're considering writing your first essay or story, my writing workshops can help you draft new material, understand how to work with what you’ve got, and learn what makes essays and stories appeal to your readers. One of my primary goals is to help writers identify their own individual aesthetic through our readings, craft lessons, and discussions.

New writers learn writing strategies, ways of starting a regular writing habit, and how narratives work. With more experienced writers, I work on deepening understanding of craft issues and refining manuscripts for publication.

My students of all levels say they come away from my classes with a sense of the rich possibilities in their work, themselves, and their daily lives. In class, we write, we read, we talk, and we imagine--and we have a great time doing it. 

I'm a working writer and I regularly teach for Lighthouse Writers, at their west Denver location (near Belmar) and occasionally, at their main location in Central Denver, as well as for other writing and arts organizations. I teach monthly classes that combine gentle yoga and writing at Golden’s YourAshtanga yoga studio.

Classes include:

  • writing exercises that allow you to tap into your work in fresh and interesting ways.

  • readings and discussion of published work with an eye toward what we can learn from other writers.

  • readings and discussions of each other's work with supportive, craft-centered comments about what's working and what's not.

  • my feedback on manuscripts.

  • learning and understanding each other while having fun.

I occasionally work one-on-one in a teaching capacity with students on manuscripts of forty pages or less. (Note: I'm not an editor and do not provide editorial services.)

To see what classes are upcoming, click Teaching Schedule and see what’s available.